Sex & The City Afternoon Tea


If like me your a Sex & The city Fan you will LOVE the SATC themed afternoon Tea in London (booking details to follow) I cant even tell you how many times I have watched the SATC boxset, I felt like I could always relate to Carrie Bradshaw her passion for fashion, her quirky outfits. I loved how the girls would meet up for cosmopolitans and chat about their life and men troubles.

So I was super excited to be going for a friends birthday. The traditional afternoon tea food of scones and finger sandwhiches was replaced by everything SATC , astrami on rye, New York bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese (Simply Dreamy- Promise!), mini burgers (named after Jack Berger one of Carrie’s boyfriends) and mini New York hot dogs with mustard. It was all such fun, We were given a cocktail and a pot of tea of our choice each! all my friends went for the “flirtini” but me being me I ordered the “espresso martini” recommended by our waiter and it did not disappoint, its coffee and alcohol great combo.


Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out (I wish) I opted to wear a red lace dress (Riverisland) with leopard print heels (primark).

*cheers* Our cocktails – All the girls had a Flirtini mines the Espresso Martini.
The deserts was just to die for! again SATC themed. A stiletto shoe cookie (for carries love of shoes) A Cosmopolitan flavoured Jelly (For Samantha) A mini cheese cake with lips (for Miranda) and a cupcake covered in edible diamonds (for sophisticated charlotte).

After finishing the deserts the waiter bought us more servings which was a fantastic touch, even if you cant eat it all they will put it in little boxes for you to take home. It truly was lovely girly day out.

SATC par-tea is at Hyatt Regency Hotel Churchill, London, price is around £37
Are you a SATC fan? Can you recommend any Afternoon Teas for me?

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Lots of love

Nikki xo



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