Oh la la ombré


before pic and after pic to show the difference and the effect ombré has compared to highlights x

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and went for ombré hair colour. Ombré is where your hair starts from one colour and gradually goes into another e.g from brown to blonde.

I’m lucky that I trust my hairdresser and we went for a chocolate brown on top gradually going lighter and lighter into a sun kissed blonde.

I closed my eyes the whole time my hairdresser cut and styled my hair because I wanted it to be a surprise. When I opened my eyes I instantly loved it. I couldn’t stop smiling how natural it looked.



If anyone is in half minds whether to go for ombré I would say go for it. Ombré doesn’t have to be too drastic your colourist will talk you through the options and decide what is best for you.

The ombré effect looks amazing when curled however looks just as nice straight in my opinion.

After having highlights for 10 years having ombré is a nice change as my friend said when she saw my hair “iv spiced up my life” I am in love with my new colour!

Prices depend on salons however you should only need a root touch up. My colour on top is darker than my natural so I have booked in to have the root done in 6 weeks.

Love Nikki xx


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