Lipstick Storage Idea



Are you struggling to organise the amount of lipsticks/glosses you have? you would definitely benefit from purchasing this acrylic lipstick holder that either holds 9 lipsticks.  I found mine really cheap here on eBay , and I was really happy when it arrived! it is very compact so doesn’t use too much room! And makes everything look neat on my dressing table! I put my lip glosses and lipsticks that I could find in the storage container, and after going through my dressing table draws and getting rid of old or used products I instantly felt more organised!

If you don’t have a dressing table, this would also fit on shelves, in wardrobes as well! I cant believe I have only just purchased this to be honest I always loose my lipsticks and lipglosses. this nifty little storage idea is the best purchase I have made for a while 🙂

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Lots of love

Nikki xo