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Hey Sweeties, as promised on my last post I wanted to share the outfit I bought for my “new job” I went out and treated myself to a few new essentials I had a budget and I stuck to it. I am going to Barcelona in under 2 weeks so I am trying to save my pennies.
First on my list was a new work handbag! I went straight to Primark and found this beauty of a bag for just £10, its got a zip with two compartments inside and on the outside a gold button you just twist which opens another pocket.
Next stop was Next…pun intended haha! seriously though I am loving some of Next’s work wear, as I made my way to the shoe section I was drawn to these smart but edgy flats for £28. I just love the cream on the foot with the black around the outside. I could have gone with a plain black pair but I can find them anywhere lol.

I was determined to find a dress for work as most of mine for previous jobs look a little worn! after walking in and out of shops and having no luck I went to my favourite shop, you guessed it River Island haha. I mooching around and I stumbled across this dress on a rail there were only 3 left lucky for me they had it in my size! it fit like a glove and felt so comfortable! its grey/white In colour and is perfect for both summer and winter. You can purchase the dress on Riverisland for £32 search under skater dresses.


Here is my cringe worthy Dressing Room Selfie lol, I just wanted you to see how it looks on. To be honest I wont wear my new outfit on the first day because I want to be in something old and comfortable. I will wear this outfit a couple of days into my first week and obviously without the hat hehe.

I felt such a buzz shopping knowing I have a job I am generally excited to start 🙂 I just hope everything is what I think its going to be! I am prepared to work hard and have worked out all of my train times to ensure I get into the city on time 🙂 all of my family opened some champagne with me last night to toast to new beginnings! everything seems surreal!

I might be MIA for a couple of days, I am starting to draft my next blog post now in preparation to post mid week.  I just have to juggle full time work and blogging, but I am sure a lot of people do….

Do you have any tips for working full time and blogging?

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Lots of love

Nikki xo


Lipstick Storage Idea



Are you struggling to organise the amount of lipsticks/glosses you have? you would definitely benefit from purchasing this acrylic lipstick holder that either holds 9 lipsticks.  I found mine really cheap here on eBay , and I was really happy when it arrived! it is very compact so doesn’t use too much room! And makes everything look neat on my dressing table! I put my lip glosses and lipsticks that I could find in the storage container, and after going through my dressing table draws and getting rid of old or used products I instantly felt more organised!

If you don’t have a dressing table, this would also fit on shelves, in wardrobes as well! I cant believe I have only just purchased this to be honest I always loose my lipsticks and lipglosses. this nifty little storage idea is the best purchase I have made for a while 🙂

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I Got The Job/ OOTD


Hey sweeties, I firstly I have some amazing news! I got a new job In London in the heart of the city Ill be working as a team secretary and working 9-5pm I am so excited! I start Monday. I feel that they really wanted me to work there as the salary that was advertised they raised for me when they offered me the position. Its crazy to think that this time a month ago I was just recovering from surgery, 3 weeks ago I got my results to say all is ok for now and Monday I start a new job yaaaay.  The job I was in before was really unsocial hours and there wasn’t very nice people so I am very nervous to see how I feel about this new job but also I am positive. Today I decided to venture out to Westfield Shopping Centre which is next to where the Olympic stadium is to buy a few things for my new job, I have bought way too much but I did stick to my budget of £100 I am short on cash at the moment plus I need spending money for Barcelona in 2 weeks. I’ll blog about my purchases the weekend 🙂

How cool is this Eagle statement necklace from Topshop? I actually bought this In April and normally I find Topshop jewellery too expensive however this was only £10 in the sale and I know I will be wearing this a lot.


Gingham Jeggings – Top shop
Fedora – Riverisland
plain white top – Newlook
Eagle Necklace – topshop
leather jacket – Miss selfridge

Life’s looking up for me now, for the moment anyway! and I am so proud of myself for turning things around and getting back on my feet instead of crumbling when the chips were down. I have to go through all of my shopping now *giggles* it has been a very productive day for shopping lol.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend.

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Lots of love

Nikki xo

My May Favourites xo


Hey Lovelies, Hope you are all having a fab week.  I have put together some of my favourite items at the moment.  Firstly I purchased these cute little moccasin pumps in Dorothy Perkins yesterday I just think they are adorable and practical for everyday wear, the original pricetag read £23 but when I went to the cash desk the lady said that will be £18 please, I love that feeling of saving money when you get to the till haha. I walked out the shop with a grin on my face.

As you would have seen on my previous post I have been wearing this stunning mink coloured Fedora Hat about 3 times since I purchased it around a week ago! I get comments every time I wear it! and if you are lucky you might find it at ASOS it is River island and was in the sale for £13 when I purchased it.

I am a huge River Island fan and as you may have guessed that’s where this Tiger Top is from! I have been wearing this a lot lately its perfect with wet look leggings as well as tucked into jeans or shorts! and teamed with a blazer.

I ran out of concealer the other day and thought I would try Rimmels wake me up concealer, it did not disappoint I love how easy it is to apply, it is pretty light coverage and works wonders for under your eyes and small blemishes, its not at all “cakey” and blends in really well.

I would not be without my Benefits “They’re real” mascara the pricetag is £25 so more than some brands but it is really worth the money! I ususally only have to put on one or two coats and my eyelashes look huge!

Last but not least I really wanted to write about my love of “coconut water” I have drunk water from a coconut on a beach in Dubai but this time it was in a bottle in the restaurant “Eat” I have to confess I don’t like to drink water from a tap or bottled water much, weird I know I prefer juices and something that has taste to it! and Unoco coconut water is certainly impressive! it tasted clean and subtle. Perfect for post-workout rehydration because coconut water contains essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. If you are into “healthy eating” and want to eat more clean, I would really recommend trying coconut water.
Unoco is slightly different from coconut waters, made using wild jellynut coconut – a young, green coconut from the Philippines – and unlike other variants on the market is unheated. I will definitely be drinking more of the coconut goodness! and I want to try other brands now as well.

Have you tried coconut water before?

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Lots of love

Nikki xo

I Heart Camden <3


I had such an amazing bank holiday weekend, hope you did too? with the sun shining my friends and I decided to spend the day in Camden Town 🙂 this is one of my favourite places in London in the summer.  quirky shops and stalls, piercing and tattoo shops (I got one done here a year ago) the lock/canal where you can sit in a buzzing atmosphere with a glass of wine and watch the world go by! and not forgetting the food markets where you can purchase food from all around the world and walk into the stables markets where they sell everything! most of the time I haggle the prices down as I did yesterday haha!

We went straight down to the lock and ate Japanese food and drank wine!
I chose my outfit for the day something chic but quirky was the look I was going for,
my hat is Riverisland via asos
my sunglasses are newlook for
Kimono is riverisland (last year)
smart joggers – Riverisland




One thing you have to do if you go to Camden is smoke some shisha ❤
you can sit back in one of the Moroccan cafes in the heart of the stables and relax on the sofas and enjoy some shisha with a beverage, my personal preference is strawberry flavour shisha with a pot of mint tea! yum!
We sat there for just under an hour watching a man opposite make a pizza, punk rockers walking by & Arabic music in the background with with the sun beaming down! I definitely felt as though I was on holiday .

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Lots of love

Nikki xo

Sex & The City Afternoon Tea


If like me your a Sex & The city Fan you will LOVE the SATC themed afternoon Tea in London (booking details to follow) I cant even tell you how many times I have watched the SATC boxset, I felt like I could always relate to Carrie Bradshaw her passion for fashion, her quirky outfits. I loved how the girls would meet up for cosmopolitans and chat about their life and men troubles.

So I was super excited to be going for a friends birthday. The traditional afternoon tea food of scones and finger sandwhiches was replaced by everything SATC , astrami on rye, New York bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese (Simply Dreamy- Promise!), mini burgers (named after Jack Berger one of Carrie’s boyfriends) and mini New York hot dogs with mustard. It was all such fun, We were given a cocktail and a pot of tea of our choice each! all my friends went for the “flirtini” but me being me I ordered the “espresso martini” recommended by our waiter and it did not disappoint, its coffee and alcohol great combo.


Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out (I wish) I opted to wear a red lace dress (Riverisland) with leopard print heels (primark).

*cheers* Our cocktails – All the girls had a Flirtini mines the Espresso Martini.
The deserts was just to die for! again SATC themed. A stiletto shoe cookie (for carries love of shoes) A Cosmopolitan flavoured Jelly (For Samantha) A mini cheese cake with lips (for Miranda) and a cupcake covered in edible diamonds (for sophisticated charlotte).

After finishing the deserts the waiter bought us more servings which was a fantastic touch, even if you cant eat it all they will put it in little boxes for you to take home. It truly was lovely girly day out.

SATC par-tea is at Hyatt Regency Hotel Churchill, London, price is around £37
Are you a SATC fan? Can you recommend any Afternoon Teas for me?

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Lots of love

Nikki xo


Welcome To The Nikki Diaries

Hey lovelies I decided to change my name from Blondeista to The Nikki Diaries as I didn’t want to have a blog name that I would maybe grow out of! And now I feel so happy with my new blog name 🙂 my blog will be posts of my own personal style, fashion that I love and some beauty but mainly my life and what I get up to and my ramblings so hope you can follow and enjoy xxx